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This site is a brief introduction to the work that I do, focused primarily on soft metrology, particularly ocular nocimetrics, ocular surface structure and function, psychophysics and scaling, and visual functioning research.

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NEWS as of Feb 2017

+ Hi

+ I really am trying to keep the content of this website current.

+ The work done is generally in the emerging (and still not well defined) field of soft metrology. I try to measure things that might barely be measurable such as what your eye looks like or how much your eye is stinging.

+ You can get information about some current work in the Projects section.

+ With my collaborators, we are working on some interesting recently funded projects. Here, at U of Waterloo, and with friends at Indiana U, School of Optometry we are working on understanding factors determining ocular surface sensory functioning. Second, we have an ultra-fast ultra-high resolution OCT that we use for imaging the surface of the eye.

+ There are a number of graphs from some experiments in the data & images section. The most recent is Bayesian mixed model analysis of the relationships between limbal vessel depth & diameter. Take a look!

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